How to Service Acer ASPIRE ONE ZG5 Dead


Acer Aspire One zg5

Acer Aspire One zg5

The discussion this time is about the way Acer ASPIRE ONE Off Service. For new visitors, Kang aGUS congratulate visit and hopefully aGUS article helpful. OK just go to the scene …………

How Service Acer ASPIRE ONE ZG5 Dead.

Indications of Damage:
When Netbook ACER ASPIRE ONE is turned on by pressing the button powernya, aka dark screen does not appear at all. But it led in the power button a green flame. And there are no signs that the ACER ASPIRE ONE it will flame and the process of loading windows. Continue reading

Modification the_excertp () uses a hidden overflow css

Modifications the_excertp using css command {overflow: hidden} Our high count and the first test.

For example, we can use the command the_excerpt (), specify how many lines we want, for example 5 line, if we set perbarisnya 16px line-height, then to get 5 rows means 5 = 80px 16px times. Figures 80px height that we make it. Continue reading